Vital Signs

How it works

How it works Your heartbeat causes small changes in the color of your face. These changes are not visible to the eye, but with advanced software the iPad 2 or iPhone 4S camera detects these "micro-blushes" to measure your heart rate.

When you breathe, your chest moves up and down. With advanced software, the iPad 2 or iPhone 4S camera tracks the movement of your chest to measure your breathing rate.

Contact To ensure a good measurement, you should place your iPad 2 on a stable surface in front of you or hold the iPhone 4S in your hand in a steady manner. Then position your face and chest inside the marked areas. Try not to move during the measurement for best results.

It is possible to switch from 'Normal' to 'Fast' one-time measurement or you can put it on 'No-stop' continuous measurement. You can measure the heart rate of two people at the same time (in 'Dual' or 'Valentine' mode; the Valentine mode will add a heart symbol). The app has an extended history function to see certain trends.

Disclaimer: The Vital Signs Camera app is not intended for diagnosis or for clinical monitoring or decision making. Measurements and statistics are provided for entertainment purposes only. Low/Average/High statistics are for an adult population. Heart rate statistics are based on information from the American Heart Association, breathing rate statistics are based on information from Textbook of Basic Nursing by Caroline Bunker Rosdahl, Mary T. Kowalski, page 521 and Manual of Nursing, Volume 1 by M.E. Vlok., page 611.

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